Genevieve Lowry has been a Certified Child Life Specialist for over 20 years. With a strong background in child development, therapeutic play and years of experience she works  to support, facilitate, and teach positive coping strategies to children and families facing extraordinary circumstances. 

As a Certified Child Life Specialist she worked at the Children’s Hospital of NY for 20 years. She now has a private practice working with children and families in a variety of environments, circumstances, and needs. She received the  Wheelock College Leadership award in 2000 and most recently will be recognized at the college’s 125th anniversary as an alumni fulfilling Wheelock’s philosophy and mission.

Genevieve has a master’s degree in Education from Fordham University and her undergraduate from Wheelock College, a nationally recognized college specializing in early childhood development.  Currently, Genevieve is an adjunct professor at Bank Street College of Education in NY, NY; she has also been a consultant to Steps for Living website, Arthritis Foundation Family Day events and the New York Foundling Crisis Center and Mother Child Program. In addition, she is an accomplished lecturer, and published author.

Genevieve has also developed an online learning platform for Child Life Specialists and other healthcare professionals looking for innovative learning opportunities.  She is the co-creator of the only online Child Life Certification Test Preparation Course.

As a Reiki Master, Genevieve has practiced Reiki for over 15 years working with, teaching, and offering Reiki to children and families as well as healthcare professionals. Through her training at the Holistic Healing Center at Beth Israel Hospital in NYC, Genevieve has created curriculum that teaches the fundamentals of relaxation, guided imagery, and Reiki to children and families. Check out her online e-book:  Following Imagination: Activities that Move, Create, and Play with the Fundamentals of Guided Imagery.