Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers you may have about the Child Life Certification Exam Prep courses.


Q: Will this course benefit people taking the exam for the first time or is it designed only for those who have failed in the past?

A: This course is designed to teach study and test-taking skills combined with relaxation techniques and will benefit anyone who is taking the exam.

Q: Does the Child Life Council sponsor this course?

A: Genevieve Lowry, CCLS, MSEd and Meghan Kelly, CCLS, MSEd whom are both actively practicing in the field of child life for a combined 40+ years independently teach this course.

Q: Will this course provide students with practice exams?

A: Students will be responsible for attaining the CLC Study Guide and recommended texts for review during course. The purchase of practice tests is the responsibility of the student also. The instructors do not have access to any additional practice exams.

Q: When should I take this course?

A: It is recommended to take the course during the 6-week session immediately before your scheduled exam.

Q: Is there homework during this course?

A: There are weekly assignments.  The assignments are an essential component of the course.  The assignments are how students create the study materials many of which once reviewed for accuracy by instructors are shared with all students. 

Q:  Do you offer training to help with stress reduction and anxiety?

A:  Each week students are asked to review the lifestyle powerpoints as a tool for evaluating study habits and creating a study space.  Audio files offering relaxation and stress reduction techniques are used to help students improve their studying and decrease test day anxiety.  Research has shown those that use relaxation as part of their studying improve retention as well. 

Q: What is the success rate of former Convenient Classroom students for passing the exam?

A: The pass rate currently is 83%. The recommendation rate for the course is 100%.